Deodorants of the Summer

Hello, good ones!

How has your summer been???? Mine has been nice, not gone to the beach very often, which it’s strange that I’m sad about that considering for a while I couldn’t stand going to the beach.

Any. Ways.

Deodorant is important all year round, but it’s especially useful during the summer. So I thought it might be nice for me to compare and contrast some deodorants I’ve been using. I did mention one of these in another post I made about smelling nice and you can read that here: Don’t Wanna be Stinky? Me Neither. But only if you wanna.

No pressure.

The ones I’ve been using are Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, The Takesumi Detox Deodorant by Kaia Naturals, and Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Stick.

So I still really like the Meow Meow Tweet one. Like, a lot. But since I made that post, I have come across some things that bother me about it and realized some other things that I really like. The one not so great thing I have come to learn about this deodorant during the summer is that it melts when it is hot. Not a lot, just enough to become way more malleable. Which, by itself is definitely not a bad thing. It makes it easier to apply and with that, it’s really easy to get too much product on your pits and throughout the day the powder that is in the deodorant (arrowroot powder, and a tiny bit of baking powder) kind of balls up. I have found that if you make sure you’re only using a small amount it doesn’t really do this. I’ve started to put some on the tips of my fingers and then apply it to my armpits and that helps a lot. So, it is kind of a con, but it’s an easily fixable con that doesn’t bother me too much and I feel that, if you get this deodorant, you’ll only have to do it when it’s warmer out or if you live in a hot climate. The thing that I realized I really enjoy about it is that the packaging it comes in is biodegradable! Which is so fucking nice. I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful with what kind of packaging my products come in so knowing that Meow Meow Tweet cares about that shit makes me like the brand more and I really want to try other things that they’ve been making the last few months.

*Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick: $20

I would also like to mention that even though this formula has a bit of baking soda it has never bothered my underarms at all.

Next up is the Schmit’s. This brand is a super popular natural deodorant brand. So of course, in my vegan baby journey, I had to try it. I tried the unscented one, which is nice for days where I just don’t want to smell like anything. However, this one, for me, is kind of the worst out of the three I’m sharing with y’all today. Even though I still really like it? It just feels really coarse on my skin when I’m putting it on. I do find that putting it on my fingers first helps a lot with this one, too. I don’t know if it’s just the stick I have, but it is kind of strange that such a popular brand would be so scrape-y on my pits. What a … pit-y?

(Should I be sorry?)

Some other good things though! This deodorant claims to help with that wetness feeling and it definitely does, more than the next one I’m going to talk about. And although the stick packaging is plastic, they also have deodorants in glass jars (which I wanna try) and glass is forever upcycle-able, meaning when you’re done with the product, you can use it for other things! And the plastic is recyclable, which is a plus in my book.  It’s also cheaper than the others on this list!

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant : $8.99

Now, the Kaia Naturals Takasumi Detox Deodorant is one I’ve only had for a couple of weeks. So, please take my opinions with a grain of salt. Thanks.

I got mine in a Petit Vour box and so far, I really like it. It’s super smooth to apply and the scent I got (juicy bamboo) smells super yummy. It’s kind of sweet and fruity. It doesn’t have any baking soda and I’ve been exclusively using it since I got it and it hasn’t bothered my armpits. I have applied it over smelly pits and it made any yucky-ness go away, which isn’t always the case with deodorants, in general, let alone natural ones. Unfortunately, any way you buy this one, it’ll be in plastic. I think it should be recycle-able, but I’m not sure.  I really wish they had some in a glass jar or biodegradable packaging. Another con on this one is that for the couple first uses, I did feel a bit wetter when I was wearing it than with my other deodorants, but the website does warn you that may happen, and it has gone away just in the short amount of time I’ve been using it. I do really like this one so far, and I am considering getting the big size when the travel size runs out, but I’m still kind of undecided because of the plastic. however, if you’re not one to care about that, I would (so far) really recomend this one.

Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Deodorant: $21

Welp, that’s all I got. I’ll try to let you friends know what I think of the Kaia Naturals deodorant after I’ve used it up and I’ll let you know if I bought a full size one. Thank you soooooo much for reading!!

Have a great day, or night, or whenever the fuck you’re reading this and I’ll see ya later, byeeeeee!



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