An Intro To Me

Helloooooo! I have no idea what I’m doing. I would like all of you to know this (there are none of you, right now…. But this will be good in the future). My name is Amy-Jane. If you would like, A-J. Either one is rad.selfie-yo

My hope for this here blog is to share love, happiness, and information with people like me. People who are super, duper new to being vegan and trying to be more ethical in their daily life. My hopes and dreams are for this blog to be almost as helpful as Logical Harmony (https://logicalharmony.net/) is to me. If you haven’t checked her out, she’s great and you should. She’s a great person to look at to see what a more experienced vegan can share. However, I would like this blog to be something that allows me to share new discoveries with you and reviews of what I think of those lovely (and maybe not too lovely) discoveries. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll have recipes?? Maybe I’ll have an actual YouTube channel that I regularly upload on??

Who the fuck knows?

Seriously, I have no idea what I’m doing.


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