My First Petit Vour box! 

Welcome to my first ever actual post!!

I recently signed up to get the Petit Vour Beauty Box. Spoiler: so far,  I’m about it. 

This is a subscription service that sends a box of 4-5 samples to your home. From this first box, I did find that the samples were large enough for me to figure out if I liked the product and you may also get a full sized product in your box. If you live in the U. S. (Like yours, truly), the box is $15 every month. If you live in Canada, it’s $23, and around the rest of the world it will be $25. Most of the products are luxury items, so it’s pretty rad that you can try samples before you commit to the actual price of the product.

The box that I got was the January one and here’s what was in it:

  • The Evolvh Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo
  • The Evolvh Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner
  • The Blissoma Hydration Tonique


  • A Lauren B.  Nail polish in the color South of the Blv.

Now. Let me tell you about the fricken shampoo and conditioner. They’re. So. Good. Which, honestly, kind of sucks. Because the shampoo is $24 for the 8.5 oz bottle and the conditioner is $25. Honestly, though, for what they do for my hair and scalp,  I don’t even care. I’ll gladly spend that money. In fact, I already did. These babies make my hair so soft and shiny and don’t make my roots lay as flat as other shampoos and conditioners have in the past. For your information, my hair is of medium thickness, prone to dryness at the ends, frizz, and is quite long (almost to my waist). It also has a fair bit of wave to it,  bordering on a curl. And my scalp. Oh geez, my scalp. Before using these products it was soooooo dry and flaky. Like. If you’ve ever seen the Breakfast Club (one of my favorite movies) when Allison (the basket case) has drawn all over her desk and uses her dandruff as snow, I could literally do that. After only a few washes I do feel like my scalp has been a lot better. It hasn’t been getting as flaky and dry. Which is so nice. And I do, trully,  think that the longer I use these the better my scalp will be. Also. My ends look soooo good.

The Blissoma Hydration Tonique is also a really nice product. The full sized bottle is $32 for a 4 oz spray bottle. I have already repurchased it, and I can’t wait for it to get to my house. It’s nicely hydrating and was a really great addition to my existing skincare routine. I felt like it helped with my pores, calmed some of the redness,  and really helped to calm some really frustrating acne I have on my neck. It’s the type that’s deep under my skin. It doesn’t necessarily hurt, it just looks not so great and had been there for a really long time. Bleh. However, when I was using this they did go down noticeably! This is a product that I’ve noticed more of a difference now that I haven’t used it for the past few days.

The last product I got was the nail polish. This was the only full sized product I got in the box. The shade I got is a really nice berry-toned purple. I think that would look good on pretty much everyone and would be a good color all year round. I have only worn it on my toes so far, but it has been lasting really well. I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’ve been wearing it straight for about 2 weeks. I dunno about you, but when I wear polish on my toes it does tend to last for a really long time. That being said, it hasn’t chipped yet and the color has stayed pretty vibrant. Lastly, the full-sized bottle is $18. I don’t really know if this is a fair price for this product yet because I want to test it on my hand nails before I form a real decision about it.

Alrighty. There it is!! My first real blog post! I hope you enjoyed and found this interesting. All thoughts were my own and I wasn’t sponsored!! Thanks for reading


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