Pact Leggings Review

Hello and welcome back, new buddies! So, a couple of weeks ago I bought some leggings from Whole Foods. Here we go.  Alrighty. So the past couple months I’ve been looking into how I can be a bit more ethical in my purchases. In my internet wanderings, I came across the brand Pact. They’re a brand that prides itself on using organic, fair trade cotton. They make underwear, tights, socks, and some staple clothes for adults and babies. Pact also has some information on their website about what the cotton industry does to the planet. I don’t want to get too into the ins and outs of this industry and why it’s bad because I honestly haven’t done a lot of research. Oops.

Any who, these leggings are made without toxic dyes or  pesticides, and isn’t made in a sweatshop and doesn’t use child labor. Which, honestly, this is the reason I don’t do a lot of research into this shit. Because I know all of those things are bad. And I don’t want to partake in bad-ness. Why would I? So, real talk, someday I’ll probably look more into why pesticides are bad, but right now knowing they’re bad is good enough for me to want to buy organic clothing. And sweatshops. Obviously bad. CHILD LABOR. BAD. So this brand saying they don’t use those things is good enough for me.

So,to the leggings. I really like them. They’re super comfy and my legs felt free to stretch and roam as they pleased but they weren’t loose. I made my friend look at my butt all day and she said they weren’t see through. They’re stretchy  and the waist didn’t fall down too, too much, although I do think next time I’ll buy a medium instead of a large and see how that goes. They were a bit long on me, but I’m quite short (right under 5ft. 2in) so that’s something I expect and don’t mind. I did also wash them, and I think I dried them a bit and they didn’t seem to shrink or get messed up at all. All in all, I like these leggings and would definitely repurchase them. It also makes me want to try out some more things from Pact. The leggings are about $30 and I think that’s a fair price for a product that looks good and is good for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Also, a note. In the box there was a coupon for free socks, but you have to verify that you purchased the leggings. So keep your receipt. Which I didn’t do. And now I don’t get free socks.

Okay! That’s that. I hope that you enjoyed this and found it useful. I also hope that you have a great day, or night, or whenever the fuck you’re reading this and I’ll see ya later. B’byeeeeeeeeee!


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