First Impressions: The March Goddess Provisions Box

Hello, and welcome back my dear new friends! Today I’m going to talk about another subscription box I get called the Goddess Provisions box.Soooo, how are you?? Long time, no see. Let me know any fun things you’ve been doing in the comments. My friends and I have decided to start doing Wine and Craft Nights on Sunday, and I’m very excited. I also when to go see Get Out, and dang. That was good. I think everyone should see it, regardless of whether or not you like scary movies because it really gets you thinking. Okay. Enough jabber from me, here we go!

I’ve been getting this box for a few months now, and I really enjoy it. Jill, who is the founder, seems really nice and when I had to deal with customer service the person I spoke to was really nice and helpful. I also like that they curated a box that has small, natural brands that are (of course) vegan. Plus, she normally adds in a snack bar or some chocolate and as a person who loves both of those things, I appreciate that. A lot. This box is extra cool for people who like stones, crystals, smudging, and other cool things of that nature. Also great about this box, everything is full sized! I love samples but sometimes I don’t feel like I get enough product to decide whether or not I like it.

In this box, you get 4-6 full sized products for $33 a month. You can also bundle moths in order to save a bit of money. They also give you the option to purchase past boxes, which is rad.

Now, finally about this month’s box! (I haven’t tried any of these products, so this is a glorified list of cool things)

  • The Moon Magic Mermaid Ocean Mask and Toner.
    • this mask is made of organic jasmine, sea clay, sea kelp, and a couple of other ingredients that also seem nice and wonderful. This is meant to tighten skin, draw out impurities and toxins, and rejuvenate your skin. I’m excited about this mask! I wish that I used masks more often because they’re a great addition to helping out your skin. Unfortunately, I am lazy. However, I do plan on giving y’all a review on this and the toner, so I’m going to have to be not lazy!!
    • the toner is supposed to hydrate your skin and has orange and rose hydrosol in it, and a “pinch of the ocean”. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds nice, so I’m stoked to be trying this. Recently I’ve been getting really, really into toners and primer/setting mists so I love that this is in this month’s box.

This brand also has an Instagram, if you’d like to check it out @moonmagic.co They also have a Twitter @happinessliz.

  • Cottagewicks Goddess of the Sea Candle
    • this is a soy wax candle that’s 4 oz. and is supposed to burn for 25-28 hours. The top of this candle is decorated with glitter and shells and stones and it is insanely cute. Also, apparently more things are supposed to be uncovered as you burn the candle?!? I think that’s rad. Upon further investigation, I think I got the unscented version of this candle. This makes me happy and sad at the same time. The cool thing about candles like this is that you can dip the wick in your choice of essential oils and scent the candle that way. I like this because you can customize the candle any way you want. However, this also makes me sad because the other scent available is water lily, and it sounds really nice. these candles don’t have dyes and use essential oils for scenting them.

These folks also have an Instagram! @cottagewicks.

  • Sara M. Lyons Patch
    • this patch is super cute! It’s an iron on patch that is a blue circle with a shell in it and it says “shell out good vibes”. I have no idea what I’m going to put this on, but I like it a lot and it seems well made and durable.

Check this patch out on Instagram @saramlyons! I followed her because it’s pretty dang cute, too. She also has a Twitter under the same username.

  • Raw Revolutions Spirulina Dream Bar
    • this is a “superfood bar” that has spirulina and other good for you ingredients. It’s raw and the ingredients list is pretty short and all of them say that they’re organic. This is my first experience with spirulina and I was sceptical that this bar was going to taste good. It’s a weird, very dark forest green color and honestly looks a bit slimy. It’s a bit oily while you’re eating it, but the flavor is actually really good and mostly sweet and like sunflower seeds so the oiliness really doesn’t bother me at all. If you like Lara bars, I think you would like this bar a lot because they’re very similar but I feel like Lara bars have an after taste that these don’t have. Which is nice. I might buy these.

The Instagram and Twitter handle for this brand is @rawrev.

  • Red Abalone Shell and Sage Smudge Kit
    • smudging is supposed to help get rid of negative energy and cleanse your aura and is just supposed to be good for your brain. This smudge kit has a shell that you can use as a bowl for the sage and I really like the idea of this. The shell is supposed to “honor the element” which I personally find extra cool because I’m a Scorpio and my element is water. So for some reason, I feel like smudging for my element will somehow work better for me?? I don’t know a lot about smudging so I doubt that smudging for your element matters but it makes me feel good about it and I feel like the reason why smudging, crystals, and aromatherapy works is it makes you feel better and like you have some type of control over things and certain meanings of crystals/scents remind you to mind yourself and focus on your feelings and intentions.

I think this was put together by Goddess Provisions, who do have an Instagram @goddessprovisions

Now, every month they send you a stone or crystal and this month it is ruby in fuchsite. This thing is fucking beautiful. Kind of a sea foam color and sand color with a splotch of a cute raspberry color. This stone is supposed to help you stay connected and aware of yourself and also keep you connected to humanity.

Alrighty! That was my first impression of everything. I hope that this was enjoyable for you and I hope you have a great day, or night, or whenever the fuck you’re reading this. See ya later, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

p.s. here’s the link to Goddess Provisions



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