Don’t Want To Be Stinky? Me Neither.

This is going to be my post on what I use to keep myself smelling nice. My favorite perfumes and what I use for deodorant! So exciting, I know. 

I feel like I should start with what I’ve been using for the longest. And that would be the Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist. I actually used the stone first, but that wasn’t the right fit for me. I didn’t enjoy that I had to wet the stone the perfect amount and then rub it on my armpit for a long time if I wet it too much. And I thought that was annoying. Enter the mist! I’ve been regularly using this for at least a year (I think) and I did like it. However, I did feel like sometimes I would still smell a bit at the end of the day. It’s made of mineral salts and is supposed to provide 24-hour protection. Which it does, sometimes. I find it works the best if I apply it right after a shower. I did really like that it doesn’t have a scent and that means you’re free to wear whatever scent you want to with it, or no scent if you’re not into that kind of thing.

I really like doubling that last product with the Meow Moew Tweet Deodorant stick. I have the scent lavender bergamot and dang, does it smell good. This product is really great. It’s pretty gentle on the skin, despite having baking soda in it. I haven’t had any reaction to it, while I have had a reaction to a natural deodorant with baking soda in it in the past. (Which wasn’t fun.) It does, however, leave a bit of a residue on my clothes if I use too much. I do think it helps to rub it in a bit with your fingers, too.

Now, for some perfumes I really enjoy! I would say I have three favorite perfumes. I really like Karma by Lush. It’s one of those perfumes that smells noticeably different on everyone, and I think that’s really cool. On me, it’s very sweet and has a lot of citrus. for some reason when I wear it, it makes me think of fruity pebbles. Feel about that how you will. I really enjoy patchouli as a base, but I think straight up patchouli smells like dirt. This one doesn’t have that quality for me, which is nice. I appreciate that Lush takes classic smells and gives them a cool twist.

Another one of my favorites is Pacifica’s Tibetan Mountain Temple perfume. This one also has patchouli in its base, alongside vetiver. It also has ginger and orange in it, which I adore. I hardcore gravitated towards this one from late summer all the way until late fall (when the next one I’m going to share with you folks came into my life). This one always makes me think of candy apples because it has a sweet warmth to it. It doesn’t smell like a fire at all, but it gives me that feeling of it being a fall night and being in a warm house in front of a fireplace. A lot of people reviewing this perfume said it made them think of chai and although I get where they’re coming from, I don’t agree. It does have a spiciness to it, though. My largest complaint with Pacifica perfumes is that they don’t stay strong throughout the day. I do end up putting a lot on, but that seems to be the only way I notice it lingering.

Now. My most recent love. I got this perfume from my Goddess Provisions box a couple of moths ago. It’s Lola’s Handcrafted perfume in the scent Nag Champa. This one is in a roller format while the other two were spray perfumes. I like when perfumes are roller balls because I feel like they’re easier to keep in your bag or pocket. This roller ball hasn’t leaked or broken, which is good. This one is a perfume oil and lasts aaaaallll day. I love it for that. It is kind of strong and people will definitely smell you when you’re wearing this one. Nag champa is sandalwood and plumeria. This blend also has vanilla, juniper, patchouli (shocker, right??) and some jasmine and geranium. I love how this one smells and I always get told that I smell good when I wear it.

Also, can you tell that I like sweet, citrusy, and patchouli perfumes? I also really like vanilla.

I just realized that I completely forgot to mention the prices of these things.

All of these brands also have a shit ton of other options (except for Thai Crystal) that even if you don’t like the idea of the things above, you’ll probably still like something else from them.

Nkay. There we are! I hope this was helpful for you and I also hope that you have a great day, or night, or whenever the fuck you’re reading this. See ya later, bye!




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