Galaxy Milk

Welcome back, good buddies! How are you this fine day? I don’t know about where you live, but where I live it’s fucking hot. Also, went to the beach and definitely got sunburned in the first twenty minutes I was there. Which is fine, I suppose. Anywho, today we’re talking about Kani Botanical’s Galaxy Milk Body Oil.SO, I have only used this as a facial highlighter and for that I really like it. But I imagine you could also use it on your body. It has a really nice champagne color to it. It is veeerrry glow-y and I think the color of it would be flattering for lighter to medium skin tones and if you like a really out there highlight, it might also be good if you have darker skin. I do really like that it’s made with oils that are good for the skin, too. Which is super sweet.

I don have a couple of things that kind of bother me. One thing I don’t like, but I also kind of like, is that it has glitter in it. What mostly bothers me is that on Kani’s website it literally says it isn’t glittery. But it has glitter???? (eye roll) The other thing that is somewhat not so great is that the way it dispenses is with a dropper which has a tendency to be messy. Especially when you go to shake it and you’ve forgotten to close it completely (if you’re like me).

As I’m writing this, this is sold out on their website. Which isn’t so wonderful. But! When you can purchase it, the bottle is .5 fluid ounces and goes for $32. it is however still in stock on Petit Vour and you can get it in a baby size for $16. This is the size that I have and it’s lasted pretty well, despite me shaking some of the product out. You only need a tiny bit for a pretty good pay off and dew so I think the somewhat large price tag is worth it.

Welp. I hope this has been helpful and I hope you have a great day, or night, or whenever the fuck you’re reading this! Bu-fricken-byyyeeee ❤


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